Wandering Seaman Photography started out much like any other studio; after spending a number of years as a hobbyist, I merged
   my love for the art with my passion for working with and helping people.  With a keen eye and unique style, I began
   taking portraits of friends, family and my pug puppy, Franklin.

BRAD SEAMAN \that guy with the 5 o' clock shadow

I'm that guy who will put you to shame at the mall, whether expanding my ridiculous sportcoat collection or obsessing over a new pair of shoes to match, fashion is my muse.  An avid college football fan, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are my team, but it's the only sport where I could care less who is playing, as long as it's a good game.

In the winter months, you can find me curled up on the couch with a glass of red, watching re-runs of Monk, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, or the always hilarious New Girl.  During the habitable months, you'll rarely find me indoors, unless of course, I'm shooting one of your lovely Love Story ceremonies!

I've always had an interest and curiosity with sailing and I'm proud to say that I will be receiving formal training this Spring! 

\what equipment are we using?

  While the equipment any pro uses isn't nearly as important as their style or ability to use said equipment, we want to let you know what kind of gear we are working
  with. It's always important to ensure that your photographer uses equipment that will allow them to capture images in all potential lighting situations, as well as
  being able to properly achieve the desired effect.

  Lastly, any photographer who shoots weddings should always have backup equipment on-hand; because we all know a Wedding cannot be put on hold for a

 CAMERAS\ We use all full-frame, professional Nikon DSLR camera bodies.
 LENSES\ We use all professional, high-speed Nikon lenses for shooting in all conditions.
 LIGHTING\ We use a combination of natural light, reflectors, and Nikon Speedlights.
 SOFTWARE\ During post-processing, we utilize Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 on our color calibrated iMac computer.