How should I prepare for my Senior Photo Shoot?

ü  Research, research, research!  Google and Pinterest Senior Photos or thumb through magazines and look at the poses, backgrounds, clothing styles, etc.   It's a huge help for us AND you if we both know what you're trying to get out of our shoot.  Everyone's style is different and we want you to love the way you look in each photo!

ü  Bring multiple outfits that show your personality.  Parents and students may have 2 different ideas of what you each expect out of the photo shoot and therefore you should work together so each of you get your expected outcome!  Sit down and discuss the photo shoot well before your scheduled appointment.

ü  With each outfit, make sure it's ironed.  Although we have extensive experience and skill with Photoshop and Lightroom, it becomes very expensive to remove wrinkles out of each photo.

ü  Although solid colors and long sleeves photograph well, we love shooting vibrant colors as well!  Mom and dad, if you’d like to see a few samples of what others have done with colors, we’d be happy to send you a few links!

ü  Make sure your shoes, socks and accessories match your outfits; i.e. if you’re wearing black pants with black shoes, don’t forget black socks.

ü  If you have uniforms, sports equipment, instruments or letter jacket, make sure to bring them just in case!  Don't forget to clean/polish them before your photo shoot.

ü  Planning a haircut before your shoot?  Make sure to do so no later than a week before your photos.

ü  Make sure your hair is styled before your session with a look you're comfortable with. Don't forget a brush/comb, hairspray or gel, just in case you need a touch-up!

ü  Nails should be trimmed prior to your session.  Ladies, we suggest painting yours with a clear or neutral color as well.

ü  If you typically don't do a blemish wash, then this won't be the time to start.  We've seen it before with weddings, family photos and seniors.  Our client tries a new product and finds out their either allergic to it or their skin decides to flush all oils out, leaving you with bad acne.  Everyone wants perfect skin, but now is not the time to try new products (ladies this includes make-up).  If you'd like to start trying a new product, you'll want to do so at least a month prior to your photos.

ü  Try to avoid exposure to the sun prior to your shoot.  Tan lines, sunburns and excessive sweating because of burns can easily be avoided by avoiding the sun.

ü  Guys: don't forget to shave or trim your facial hair before your shoot.

ü  Ladies: please make sure to apply your make-up before your session.  Concealer is a good friend when having your photos professionally taken as it helps minimize blemishes.  Make sure to have a powder and lip gloss on hand as well!  One thing we suggest is minimizing the use of white sparkle eye shadow. When used in moderation, it is gorgeous; however if you're wearing too much, it can give a ghost like appearance.

ü  Get a good night sleep; puffy, red eyes are no fun!

ü  Drink lots of water and avoid the salt at least a week before your shoot.

ü  Family and friends are welcome to join us during this memorable time!